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and staffers at the white house. president tweeted this foet tote of the obama family. everybody looking a little younger there with a message saying, from this family to yours, happy thanksgiving. he then called ten service members in afghanistan and thanked them for their sacrifice. president also met with oregon state university basketball team. the head coach, of course, is michelle obama's brother, craig robinson. >> and this morning first lady michelle obama will weome the white house christmas tree. this is a look at last year's tree. this year's 19 foot frasier fir will arrive from ashe county, north carolina. it will be displayed in the blue room. >> thanksgiving not just for the earthwound. the three-man crew above the international 135is station celebrated with a big feast including smoked turkey. thermostabilized yams, yum. that sounds good, doesn't it? and russian mashed potatoes. that's a nod to the two russian crewmen on the station. they also had corn and cranberry apple dessert. astronauts have been giving thanks at zero gravity since 2000. >> feeling lucky this holiday
that acorn is obama's agenda. obama is pushing the agenda right now through the white house. >> sean: thank you for this incredible hard work. and to president obama and his team have been given four years in washington. what does it mean for the cronyism to reward political contributors? we'll have a preview of the next four years as we continue. bass pro shops opens at 5am on black friday for huge savings on great gifts. like... gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago accent ] cheddar! yeah! 50 percent more [yodeling] yodel-ay-ee-oo. 50% more flash. [ southern accent ] 50 percent more taters. that's where tots come from. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. 50% more spy stuff. what's in ur wallet? this car is too small. ♪ in a world where ♪ there is so much to see ♪ there's still no other place ♪ that i would rather, rather ♪ rather, rather be ♪ [ male an
's a meeting loosely scheduled in the white house against top democrats and republicans in congress with president obama. dagen? dagen: thank you so much, happy thanksgiving, my man. down in washington, d.c., but here in studio with my, monica crowely, author of "what the bleep just happened?" how do they have influence over the white house and represent in terms of the private job market a tiny sliver of employees in the country? >> it really is incredible. we've seen a hemorrhaging away from the many, many past decades. you're right to say their influence is a lot. it's disproportional to the membership. it's less about the union members and those running those union,s union heads. it should be no surprise here. i mean, barack obama's sympathies lie with the unions and their interests. that's always been the case from the time he was a community organizer straight through to the president of the united states. dagen: fixing entitlements is unavoidable. we're three years from the trust fund going bust. do you think this -- they will influence the president right now? >> remember, d
christmas at the white house. first lady michelle obama was presented with the official white house christmas tree. >> it's a go. good. we can have christmas now. >> thank you so much. >> daughter sasha and malia gave the 19 footer from north carolina the onceover. michelle obama gives it thumbs up, says we'll take it. meanwhile, the oregon state university men's basketball team got the presidential treatment this thanksgiving. president obama seen here joking with the team. first lady invited the team and her brother, who is the coach to have dinner with the family. >>> just ahead, two women fired after a picture surfaces on facebook. one of them is flipping the bird during a trip to the tomb of the unknowns. is this fair? we're on the case. >>> plus, two people dead and a dozen in serious condition. did you see this? a tragic pileup involving 100 vehicles on a highway. we're now hearing what's to blame here. in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why shoul
too much power. president obama spent the holiday at the white house. he phoned 10 american service men and women in afghanistan to thank them for their sacrifice. at a u.s. base in kabul, troops feasted on 200 turkeys and the trimmings. about 66,000 americans are still deployed in afghanistan. most are expected home by the end of 2014. as we reported here last night, america's ambassador to the united nations, susan rice, has broken her silence about the controversial remarks she made back in september about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in that attack. sharyl attkisson in washington has more on that tonight. sharyl. >> reporter: ambassador rice defended her comment from more than nine weeks ago when she said the benghazi attacks did not appear preplanned. she said that reflected the best intelligence at the time. >> i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was preliminary and that our investigations would give
. and senator marco rubio is showing off his bird. this is his bird ready to eat. the obama campaign tweeted this black and white picture to mark the holiday showing a much younger first family. and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." >>> investors had the day off for thanksgiving and the ones who aren't out shop having to go back to work today. the u.s. markets will be open for a shortened trading session. looking ahead next week could get off to a bumpy start. 7 of the past 10 post thanksgiving mondays were down days for the dow. >>> asian shares were on course for their best gains in two months after manufacturing surveys from the world's biggest economies raised hopes for improving global growth. >>> facebook wants to stop letting users vote on changes to its private policies. the social network is concerned about the quantity versus quality of feedback generated by the current setup. the company says users will still be able to weigh in during a seven-day comment period. >>> the u.s. post office is hoping to cash in on the season's bounty of online shopping with same-day
obama along with her daughters welcoming the tree to the white house. >>> speaking of christmas trees, bay area cities are getting ready to ring in the christmas season. you can come on downtown to san jose. that's where i will be tonight opening the ice skating rink at 5:30 tonight. olympic gold medalist kris kristi yamaguchi will be there. then our own meteorologist christina loren will be at san francisco's square lighting the tree. this is the 48th annual tree lighting there. that gets under way at 5:30 tonight. looking forward to it. >> oh, yes, indeed. >> we have to bundle up? >>> it will be chilly out there in san jose and san francisco. temperatures feeling like the 50s because of the winds we're expecting to pick up. you can meet our own marla tellez out there tonight in san jose. christmas in the park. we meet back here on cyber monday. the christmas tree will be all lit up. we are looking forward to that. as we head through the day, clear conditions prevail. it is beautiful out there. winds are picking up a touch. but not too much. we're not talking about really gusty winds
, i think, between the white house and the israeli prime minister. president obama and netanyahu have not gotten along. that's been well documented. but the united states is now reaching out going to help israel in a new way. so that does strengthen bibi netanyahu's long-term position, as well. >> final question the other actor in the region we've been talking about all of them is egypt, of course. the u.s. has really fallen all over itself thanking egypt for its role in achieving a cease-fire here. but over the last 24 hours, something fascinating happened in egypt. the leader there mohamed morsi game himself immunity from any kind of legal challenge until there is a new constitution in that country. some people say that essentially lines him up to be a dictator. >> well he certainly gives him very worrying powers. authoritarian powers. he has not used them. there are lots of reasons he did that. egypt is under the gun to try to produce a new constitution. some of the judges that president mubarak put in toward the end may not be as neutral and objective. let's wait and see how morsi
miss you guys! >> i will see you in the springtime! >> reporter: president obama sent his own greeting to u.s. forces from the white house. >> to all our service members. it is my honor to be your commander in chief. from our family to yours, happy thanksgiving, everybody! >> reporter: one soldier said it was like a usual day in a war zone except the food was much better. at the cafeteria, the lines were long. an arm of cooks served up trays of beef, 200 turkeys, mac and cheese and corn bread. for some, it was a day to think about home. >> i love you guys a lot. i wish i could be with you, but i'm there in spirit for sure! >> reporter: many people it's great to keep an american tradition alive half a world away. >>> he was pennyless when he came to america after escaping nazi germany. now, a wealthy man wants to give back. >> the man's story of survival and the legacy he wants to leave behind. >> please join me in welcoming mr. roth lewis. >> reporter: 88-year-old roth lewis is giving dominican university its largest gift in history. >> i was looking for a place to put the hard-earned
. >> president obama is funding advisers have urged the white house to except corporate donations for his january inauguration. this instead of relying on donors to help fund his $1 billion reelection effort. >> it is cold outside and you will certainly feel this. and lot of people stayed indoors and the people that are off for the door busters is 39 degrees in vallejo. it is 44 degrees in livermore and as we take a look at that afternoon high will be in mid 60's. oakland is getting into the mix and santa rosa is climbing into the '70s. it looks like fremont will have an afternoon high of 67 degrees. it will be clear conditions and we did see some fog formed earlier this morning high pressure is in control and it will continue to build into the weekend. let's walk you through the forecast and there are a lot of changes to talk about. do not be surprised if you see fog rolled through. saturday afternoon looks to be the warmest of the week and you can expect plenty of 70's. we are still keeping the sunshine around. when state night into thursday we are talking about the chance of wet weather. looki
. obama controls the white house, we control the house, democrats controls the senate. but guess what? the american people don't expect a status quo in governance. gregg: there's a recent rasmussen poll and, juan, i want you to take a look as well, 57% agree that raising taxes on those making more than $250,000 a year is a good idea. can you put that up on the screen, if you would, the poll? 35% disagree, so almost 60% now think the president's probably on the right track. juan, i mean, given his re-election circumstances have changed, have they not, and the president has, therefore, a political advantage? >> i think he has some leverage, and he certainly can point to the election results, not only his re-election, but with, of course, adding democrats in the congress and in the house. and you look at the new incoming house republicans, i think a dozen of them have refused to sign norquist's pledge. and in addition to saxby chambliss, you have tom coburn and i think bob corker of tennessee and i don't know mccain of arizona -- and john mccain of arizona all making noises about it's ti
in control of the senate and president obama reelected to a second term in the white house. on a federal level, people believed compromise is possible. not so, says the new york times, on the state level. what are your thoughts on this? we also posted the question on our facebook page. we have a couple comments -- you can post your comments as well on facebook if you want to participate that way, or send us an e-mail or a tweet. this is inside the new york times and they have a chart showing the outcomes of the 2012 elections -- that's how it breaks down. norma is a democrat in st. petersburg, florida. what is your state legislature like and what are your priorities? caller: i voted democratic. i believe that obama offered than did the republican party. the candidate was weak, self- serving. i found him to be untruthful on too many occasions. and the republican party seems unwillingrpe4d their ness to cooperate, their stance to make obama a one-term president was a real turn off from the beginning of his administration. host: did you vote democratic all the way down the ticket? caller: y
with president obama, you know, at the white house, aside from asking him to use the bully pulpit more -- >> guest: i'm somewhat serious. i'd ask him to -- this is a somewhat different dimension, but it was talked about in the book. i'd ask him to make content for us. what's happening now is the public's discourse, it's so destroyed in 30 seconds, but you can't have a chance to go deep on either side of the aisle. right now, the main adult learning happens on the 24-hour news, and it's in the 30-second sound bites. no one understands the issues so it's emotionally chargedded. this form phak or, this way is a chance for obama to really explain why he makes the decisions he does, and maybe the opposition to really explain why and get to -- diagram it out, have a quiz after so people retain it. that fills in the gap in learning that, frng lay -- some of the most popular videos are credit default swaps, the health care plan, the electoral college, gaps in people's learning and adults of any age want to learn it. >> host: a pleasure reading the book and nice meeting you, and thanks for join
thanksgiving and a special delivery already arriving at the white house. first lady michelle obama and the daughters received the official christmas tree. it's a 19 ft. freezer firm from a farm in north carolina. it is specifically for the blue room in the white house. we'll have more with the kron4 and a's will we continue after the break. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >> we have been filing a fatal crash this morning with a mini van running into the back of a chp vehicle that was pulled over on the side of 1 01 and embarcadero. will tran has been giving us more information throughout the morning. two people ejected out that many van and one was survive and airlifted? >> yes. there is the as to be all crumbled and rolled up several times. it will be here for quite some time as investigators take measurements and see if
. >>> president obama sent thanksgiving wishes to u.s. forces. the white house says he called 10 u.s. service members in afghanistan and thanked them for their work and sacrifice. the president then had a quiet thanksgiving dinner celebrating with family and friends at the white house. some service members stationed at a military base near kabul, afghanistan worked up an appetite playing a good old-fashioned game of touch football and followed it up with a traditional thanksgiving meal complete with all the fixings. fragile cease-fire between israel and hamas. both sides declaring victory and vowing to retaliate if attacked but so far it's still holding. a top leader of egypt's muslim brotherhood is calling for a holy war. he urged muslims to back the palestinians. his statement contradicts morsi's who helped broker that cease-fire. susan mcginnis is in washington with the latest this morning. good morning. >> reporter: talking about jihad being obligatory for muslims, an example of the conflicting messages that regularly come out of the brotherhood but for now the 24 hour cooling off period
the negotiations ahead. kristin is at the white house. the president is back from his trip. what are senior staffers saying about all the upcoming talks? >> reporter: hope you had a great holiday, alex. they believe that president obama essentially has the leverage in the situation. not only did he win the election having run on a platform of increasing taxes on wealthier americans, if you look at the polls a majority of americans actually agree with him on that issue. as you know, president obama invited congressional leaders to the white house last week. they struck a rare tone of bipartisanship after that meeting. then as you point out, seems like both sides sort of went back to their respective corners and democrats really digging in their heels on entitlements, republicans digging in their heels on the issue of taxes. we're told that aids on the hill are trying to work through a couple of compromise scenarios, especially on the issue of taxes, that would essentially allow taxes to go up on wealthier americans without increasing the rates. there are a couple of ways that you can do this
have made in the white house, and i'm not an apoll gist for the obama, but what i can speak about in detail is the way he handled this particular episode and can tell you this was not an easy call, and a couple that were gutsy. one is ultimately the two options waived were firing a small missile at the target, the man called the pacer, observed him walking in the compound, a missile the size of the foreman fired from a drone so small i doubt pakistan would have known it flew in and back. there's no downside or risk to the option. no forces put in jeopardy. it's a very reliable weapon, success with it, a fire missile. there's a chance you're not going to hit the target rvetion right? that's the only downside to the option. there's no huge diplomatic fallout. there's a good chance people would never know for sure. well, who killed the man in the compound if they pursued that option? well, i'm thinking, if i'm president of the united states, that's a fairly attractive option. the only downside to that is if you miss or kill the wrong person, something you'd like to avoid. on the othe
with a clear sky, nothing to worry about, let's turn it over to eric. >>> :24. >>> president obama and the first family are at the white house for the thank weekend. today the first lady will be presented with the official white house christmas tree, a 19 foot fir from north carolina. the president tweeted this photo yesterday and wished the american people a happy holiday. the first family hosted a thanksgiving dinner last night at the white house. the menu included turkey, ham, and green bean casserole along with half a dozen pies. >>> in san francisco today the macy's annual tree lighting ceremony hundreds are expected to gather at union square at 6:00 tonight witness the 23rd annual presentation this is video of last year this year's tree said to be eight day three fetal, thousands of -- 83 feet tall,thons of lights. >> olympic skating champion and fremont native kristi yamauchi will be in downtown san jose tonight for the official opening ceremony of the outdoor ice rink near the fairmont under a beautiful circle of palm trees ceremony gets underway 5:30 p.m.. a half hour late
at how president obama worked behind the scenes to help make that agreement happen. mike emanuel live at the white house with more on that. mike, how confident are they about this cease-fire? >> well, greg, they are aware of history. they recognize the cease-fire is still fragile and they recognize violence could easily flare up again. another white house photo takes us behind the scenes in cambodia when president obama spoke to secretary of state hillary clinton and told her he was dispatching her to the middle east. after the cease-fire was announced, secretary clinton was careful with her language. >> the united states will work with partners across the region to consolidate this progress. improve conditions for the people of gaza. provide security for the people of israel. >> and u.s. officials seem hopeful that the new president of egypt, mohammed morsi who played a key role in this whole standoff, this conflict that he will be a force for peace in the future, gregg. >> gregg: so far so good. what about the president's second term if the cease-fire does not hold? >> violence in t
. and the official white house christmas tree has arrived here in washington. first lady michelle obama, she's on hand to welcome the tree along with daughters sasha, malia and there you see him there, the first dog, bo. >> it's beautiful. it's exactly what we need. we're going to take it. i think we're good. >> time to decorate that thing, i think. this year's tree is a 19-foot frazier fir from jefferson, north carolina. it will be on display throughout the holiday season in the white house blue room, a tradition that dates back to 1966. a pretty good tree. definitely one to put us in the holiday spirit if we weren't already, joe. >> absolutely. and they really decorate that tree too. it's just amazing what they do with it. people all over the country want to emulate it. >> it's going to be nice to see. and i saw they had the official man and the top hat and everything else. >> with the clydesdales. >> yeah. exactly. i'm getting a bit of the holiday bug between that and the shopping of course. >> of course. thanks so much, lisa sylvester. >>> rebel forces in syria seize control of desperate
.c. a little over an hour from now, the first lady, michelle obama, will be presented with the white house christmas tree. it was selected in october and harvested this month. christmas trees are a tradition for many people this time of year. there's another tradition that gives special meaning, the real meaning to the holiday season for christians worldwide. i'm talking about the story of the birth of jesus christ. now a new book challenges everything you may think you know. and you'll never guess who the author is. co-editor of cnn's belief belong. good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> this book was written by the pope? >> it was. i thought you were going to say it was written by me, which would have been nice. but, no, it's written by the pope. it really spells out important pieces of the christmas story tradition that the pope says are wrong. three points. the timing, the animals and the angels. >> so let's start with the timing. s. >> historical ly, the calendar has revolved around the year jesus was born, which people usually recognize as the year zero. the pope is saying in this
about this problem. certainly president obama has been meeting with congressional leaders. he had them here at the white house last week. they came out and struck this tone of bipartisanship, but they're also cautious in that optimism. you remember the knockdown dragout debt ceiling fight of the summer of 2011. i don't think they think it's going to get that ugly. at the same time this is not going to be easy going as we head to the first of the year. now republicans are still sort of digging in their heels on the issues of taxes. democrats seem to be hardening their stance. taxes, that challenge is going to be to find a way to increase taxes on the wealthy. to increase taxes on higher earners without increasing the rate. that would be a win win for both sides. the question is, how do you do that? one option, to potentially roll back tax breaks that wealthier americans and corporations are given. they're batting a couple of ideas around. one thing that is giving folks hope, the fact that house speaker john boehner and eric cantor seem to be working more in lock step now than they were
at home >> happy thanksgiving from the first family. this is a photograph president obama tweeted. the photo from a couple of years ago, showing the family in a happy spirit. the white house said the first family will spend thanksgiving with friends, family and staff at the white house. before the dinner, the president took time to address the country. >> i want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. this is a day for family friends, food and football. it's a day to fight the overwhelming urge to take a nap, at least until after dinner, but most of all, it's a time to give things for each other and the incredible bounty we enjoy in this country. >> >> reporter: during the address, president obama talked about those in the northeast who are still recovering from super storm sandy and all of the volunteers still helping them and today was no exception as volunteers stand out across- sections of new york devastated by the storm on long island, the long beach nonprofit group surf for all hosted a thanksgiving event that fed 1200 people. >> >> it certainly was a nice thanksgiving after
differently in the white house. president obama picked out the turkey they wanted and sent in field team 6 to take it out. >> it wouldn't be much left of the turkey it is it black friday. stores have been open since last night if you can believe that and people are stocking up on the supplies. and they will have the items ready to go. and what i have right here is deep discounts and hundreds of dollars off they are available on line today. >> first one i need. my thermostat is a mess. we install would it at my house and last year, our heating bills was $500 and dropped to $200 and using the nest thermostat. it knows when you are at home and not and knows if you are going in the rooms and sensors and knows if you sleep these hours and you can control it with a smart phone. land from a flight and want to turn on the air conditioning x. launch the app. >> you are heating the rooms and wasting and throwing money away. >> i should have mentioned and today only $249 and it is $199 and that is first generation only. and so get the nest. >> jabo make it is great blue tooth and now in the peeker. >
forward at this point in time. but the one thing that is giving i think the white house some optimism, this administration and some democrats on the hill, president obama did win this election. he does feel as though he has leverage. he ran on a platform of increasing taxes for wealthier americans. and on top of that there's a lot of pressure to get something done. because if lawmakers and the president can't come to a deal, if we get deep into 2013, econo into a recession. you could see the unemployment rate go back up to 9%. i think there's a lot of pressure to get something done and all of the parties involved are hoping they will be able to by the january 1st deadline. >> kristen wker from the white house. thank you so much. appreciate that. >> thanks, craig. >> joined now byb. stoddard and bob franken. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> let me start with you, some people say the president clearly has the upper hand in these negotiations, is that true? >> not entirely. i think what kristen said is true that polling shows that most americans agree a pretty strong
way to 1600 pennsylvania avenue as of a new moments ago. first lady michelle obama, along with sasha, malia and first dog beau were presented with this year's tree. it's a tree from north carolina. if you've ever had the chance to be at the white house at christmastime it is one of the magnificent decorations inside that house. arthel: it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. i love it. black friday shoppers dealing with more than just long lines and big crowds today, they are facing picketing workers at many walmart stores. their unions are flexing muscles and one of the bussist shopping days of the years. james rosen is live at a walmart in land over hills, maryland, how many picketers are out there? >> at this point it's all done, but it was quite a different scene earlier arthel. we are awaiting some word from walmart stores inc, the national chain as to how many members of its u.s. workforce of 1.4 million employees walked off the job today. early indications are that it is a very small fraction. here in suburban maryland in answer to your question roughly 400 protestors wer
? >> well, a lot of them, joe. it's as if president obama, sometime last summer, put a sign on the white house lawn saying, closed for business until after the election. well, now we're well after the election, and the problems that have been waiting are stacked up. and i'd start with iran. there have been quiet conversations going on all fall with the people who purport to be intermediaries, emissaries for the iranian leadership sketching possible deals that could be made to resolve the nuclear issue. president obama and his advisers are going to have to decide over the next, i'd say, month or so how serious those deals are. i think it's possible in addition to a big meeting of the so-called p-5 plus one negotiating group and its major powers including the u.s. plus iran that there may be possibly secret bilateral explorations between u.s. and iranian representative just to see what kind of deal is possible. what kind of deal with satisfy the u.s. and israel that iran won't have a bomb and won't have the capability to break out to having one. so that's got to be resolved early in the ne
. the white house praised him for that role. president morsi is the first democratically elected president and critics say the powers could pave the way for another dictatorship. jennifer, how has the obama administration responded? >>reporter: the department issue add statement expressing concerns about the developments in egyptian but did not mention president morsi by name. "one of the aspirations of the revolution was to ensure that power would not be overly concentrated in the hands of any one person or institution. we call for calm and call for all to work together and call for egyptians to work together peacefully and through democratic dialogue." president obama left to play golf at andrews air force base with no indication he or secretary of state, hillary clinton have reached out to president morsi days before the president was on the phone with the egyptian president and the israeli prime minister brokering the cease-fire deal in gaza. the egyptian president received accolades from the white house and state department for brokering the peace deal with hamas but today thousands o
, because this narrative continued both before susan rice was on the five tv talk shows, white house spokesman jay carney was following it, and it continued right up to and including president obama's speech to the u.n. general assembly. so it's the big picture here that we should be focused on, and that is who, contrary to all of the intelligence information that the heads of the intelligence agencies said they had, thought that this had something to do with a demonstration. rick: i don't want to let you go without first asking you about what's going on in egypt right now where muhammad morsi must feel pretty emboldened after playing such a crucial role in helping to broker a ceasefire between's reel and hamas. -- between israel and hamas. he is now sort of changing the law of the land, a power grab. how's this going to work out? is. >> well, i think he's revealed his true stripes. this is not democracy in action, this is a classic effort at one person, one vote, one time. he's, obviously, met resistance. let's hope it's successful. but i think it's just highly ironic that after doz
as the advantages of military of vice. >> listen in. the secret white house recordings of john f. kennedy. sunday night at 8:00. "you remember barack obama fifth speech in 2004 at the democratic national convention? it instantly makes him a national figure. without the speech, he is not a candidate for president. linking gives a dazzling speech in new york. it really is a beautiful testament to the quality of lincoln's mind. but when he ran for the senate, when barack obama give the speech in 2004, he was running for senate, and he won. abraham lincoln lost. think about abraham lincoln in 1860. think about barack obama running for the presidency in 2008 if he had lost the senate election, not if he had won it. that is the level of national of security we are talking about. >> the professor profiles historic and modern leaders to show the lessons that can be learned from those who have had the greatest impact on their time. he talks on book tv, sunday at 9:00 p.m. and midnight eastern, part of a book tv's holiday >> actor and former california governor arnold schwarzenegger joins a group of execut
satellite corp. 2012] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> the white house christmas tree was delivered this morning. it is from ash farms and has provided the white house tree each year since 1966. [instrumental of o christmas tree] ♪ >> first lady michelle obama, her daughters and their dog came out to watch the arrival. president obama was not on hand. he took advantage of the nice weather to play his first round of golf in several months. >> happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> i think we will take it. it is a go. it is good. we can have christmas now. well done. >> how does it look? >> it is gorgeous. it is perfect. we are going to take it. you all take care. >> here is some of what we have coming up for you today here on c-span. nobel laureate and burmese opposition leader aung san suu kyi excess the congressional gold medal, followed by another congressional gold medal ceremony with professional golfer arnold palmer. later, african-american photographers talk about the integrity of photojournalism. watch the history of the presidential appointment process at geo
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